Brenda Gaw


When we sold our home in Brentwood in less than two weeks -- far quicker than we anticipated -- you saved the day for us! To begin with, you sold us a very nice lot in Avery Place in Cookeville a few months earlier. With the unanticipated quick sale of our Brentwood home, you located a number of properties in Cookeville that we could lease while we were building our new home in Avery Place.

With your guidance, we selected a town house in St. James West as our "home while building." It was perfect for us! Not only did you get us (and most of our "stuff") located, your help in the selection of the lovely home in which we are now very comfortably located was a major "input."

With a real estate agent (and friend) like Brenda Gaw, what more could a couple need? You even suggested a quality builder with whom we are also very well pleased -- Jerry Gaw.

During this same time, when our son, Chris, moved to Oklahoma last year, you listed and sold his house in Cookeville, guiding us along the way as this sale was achieved, in a difficult market.

In so many ways, you have been a blessing to us and have made our move to Cookeville a really good experience.

-Fowler & Judy Low